VoIP: Simplicity and Convenience for Business Owners

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March 6, 2017
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VoIP: Simplicity and Convenience for Business Owners

VoIP: Simplicity and Convenience for Business Owners | Hesperia Web RTC

There is no question that Voice over Internet Protocol is clearly superior to the legacy PBX systems of yore; however, there seems to be a worrisome trend developing among some VoIP providers and their approach to this new industry.

High Desert Businesses Are Rapidly Adopting VoIP Solutions

The bottom line of VoIP business communications is that they tend to be simpler than PBX systems, particularly when they are cloud-hosted solutions such as the ones provided by Sonic Systems in Victorville. The essence of VoIP is powered by the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which enables PBX functions over a broadband internet connection. This is a sufficient tech description for business owners in Victorville, Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia, and other High Desert communities to learn VoIP; further explanations would require unnecessary jargon.

Unfortunately, complicated tech jargon is what many VoIP providers seem to be using as they attempt to sell their systems to business owners. VoIP can be very technical, but the staff of Sonic Systems has no desire in confusing High Desert business owners with jargon and “techspeak.”

Telecommunication Benefits Looking Forward

The current evolution of VoIP systems is leading us towards unified communications and WebRTC; this is what business owners really need to know. Over the last two decades, VoIP has mostly developed as a replacement for office PBX systems, and this has been thoroughly accomplished. In simple terms, VoIP solutions can do a lot more than what digital PBX systems have accomplished over many decades; this improvement comes with greater flexibility and at lower costs.

VoIP has reached a point of being as ubiquitous as telephone lines used to be. We are currently in the era of unified communications solutions, which are made possible by VoIP architecture. What business owners need to know about unified communications is that they offer functionality that is similar to apps such as Skype, Google Allo and even WhatsApp in the sense that they combine voice calling with video conferencing, file sharing, messaging, and online collaboration.

The simplicity and convenience of unified communications is the ability of company owners to provide their staff members with a single platform for communications and office functions, a platform that can also be accessed from mobile devices.

Web Real Time Calling (WebRTC) is a technology that is expected to be the next step in unified communications. Basically, WebRTC enables voice and video conferencing calls to be placed right from the browser; to an extent, cloud-based unified communications solutions already use WebRTC features; the goal is to make them available to any internet-connected device in the near future.[/su_column]
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