VoIP Systems and the Customer Journey

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VoIP Systems and the Customer Journey

VoIP Systems and the Customer Journey | Victorville Sonic Systems

Communications between companies and their customers are crucial when defining business relationships. One of the unspoken goals of customer service is for companies to be able to get into the minds of customers, and this is something that can be accomplished through the customer journey. It is important to understand that all customers have goals; while some goals can be implied, others must be determined by companies. A customer journey map is a visual representation of the steps taken by customers to achieve their goals.

It is up to companies to make the customer journey as smooth as possible while at the same time taking into consideration what the business wishes to achieve. Voice over Internet Protocol systems are ideal for creating journeys that will cater to the motivations of customers by guiding them towards products and services.

Creating the Most Effective Communication Channels with Customers

Let’s say a Victorville law firm wishes to increase website conversion rates from blog posts and other content marketing efforts. This strategy will require a call-to-action in every piece of content posted or shared on social networks. With a VoIP system that runs on a Unified Communications platform, the customer journey can start from the website, from LinkedIn, from a guest post, or from a social media posting. To ensure that prospective customers can contact the law firm through their preferred methods, the call-to-action message can be configured to originate a voice call when the content is being viewed from a smartphone, but it can also offer an option to send an email or engage in an internet chat session; a chatbot can even be programmed for immediate contact if the matter is urgent, thus reaching a paralegal or an attorney at home or on their smartphones.

In this example, the customer journey takes into consideration preferred methods of communication, but things can be improved even further by setting up a special number or a ring tone that lets law firm staff members know that someone is responding to the call-to-action strategy. In this case, specific scripts can be pulled up in order to capture the prospect’s contact information, which would in turn be entered into the customer relationship management system.

With a hosted UC solution, business continuity can be assured because you do not even have to worry about on-premise network issues. Everything runs from the cloud, not just your voice calls but also your email, faxes, internet chat, office documents, and even voice mail. Online collaboration is enabled, and staff members can even use smartphones or tablets whenever they cannot use a workstation or a laptop.

VoIP systems are all about providing efficient communications, and this is a cornerstone of the customer experience. In addition to designing a smooth route for customers to interact with companies, managers will also be able to evaluate contact reports in order to gauge the level of customer service provided. For more information about how VoIP systems can improve your operations, please contact Sonic IT Systems today.