VoIP Systems for California Law Firms

Improving Customer Service With VoIP Systems | Telecommunication Solutions
Improving Customer Service With VoIP Systems
March 20, 2019
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The Advantage of Cloud VoIP Systems
May 11, 2019
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VoIP Systems for California Law Firms

VoIP Systems for California Law Firms | Telecommunication Solutions

When it comes to information technology adoption, the American legal industry takes somewhat of a paradoxical approach. On the one hand, law firms have enthusiastically supported the advent of making statutes, regulations and case law available in digital formats; this is hardly surprising because the common law system of the United States makes legal research a necessity, and taking the digital route is undoubtedly efficient. On the other hand, the legal profession still makes use of faxing and voicemail, two methods of business communications that other sectors have largely abandoned.

If voicemail and faxes have prevented your California law firm from making the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol, you will be pleased to know that Unified Communications offer both digital faxing and advanced voicemail features. UC is the future of business communication, and it happens to be ideal for law firms. Transitioning to UC is a lot like going from a paper-based office to solutions such as MyCase or Lexis PCLaw; once you install a VoIP system managed through a UC portal, you will never think about legacy PBX systems again.

Achieving high productivity through effective communications is the Holy Grail of the legal profession, and this is why UC is perfect for both Big Law and boutique practices. Just like digital case management systems that integrate docketing, time tracking, billing, client profiles, and legal research, UC systems integrate all aspects of office communications. The most typical UC configuration involves a single web portal that can be accessed from just about anywhere; this access point allows partners, associates and paralegals to make voice calls, set up conferences, handle email, record conversations when required, manage faxes, check voicemail, share files, and collaborate on documents. In some instances, UC systems can be configured to integrate with customer relationship management systems that law firms often use for client communications.

With UC systems, attorneys can truly collaborate; they do not have to work in silos and interact through separate systems. Whenever a new associate joins the firm or starts working as an “of counsel” lawyer, he or she can be quickly assigned voice and fax numbers, which can in turn be forwarded to office handsets or smartphones. Learn more about how UC systems can boost productivity for your California law firm by getting in touch with Sonic Systems in Victorville today.