What HD Audio Will Means for Your Adelanto Business Communications

What HD Audio Will Means for Your Adelanto Business Communications

One of the most significant advances in Voice over Internet Protocol technology was introduced by tech giant Google earlier this year. The press event introducing Google Duplex, the next generation of smart virtual assistants, left tech journalists stunned as they heard two scenarios whereby Duplex called a hair salon to make an appointment and a restaurant to inquire about reservations.

Run Your Adelanto Business With The Latest VoIP Solutions

What is amazing about Google Duplex was not only its natural sounding voice but also its HD audio quality. VoIP technology formed the basis of Duplex development, and HD audio played a major part. Google is already working with business clients to develop advanced auto attendants and interactive voice response apps powered by Duplex, and this will require VoIP systems that feature HD audio.

To be ready for advanced voice solutions such as Google Duplex, your Adelanto business will need to have HD audio, and this is something that you can implement today with a Sonic VoIP system to replace your PBX phone lines.

HD Audio Optimizes Communication Experiences

HD audio, also known as wideband audio, is a technology that started in the analog era of phone communications decades ago. Once VoIP started becoming popular in the early 21st century, development of HD audio became faster and more advanced thanks to the introduction of codecs. As long as your Adelanto business uses reasonably modern computers and smartphones, you will be able to experience HD audio and start using Google Duplex apps in the near future. If you are still using traditional office phones, you can upgrade to VoIP handsets or choose the more affordable option of softphones with headsets.

To get the full HD audio experience for your office or call center, Sonic VoIP technicians will test the bandwidth and performance of your network. You do not have to operate a separate network for VoIP; as long as bandwidth priorities are configured to ensure the quality of service, HD audio can be achieved.


The importance of HD audio for your Adelanto business is a matter of staying competitive. At a time when most companies are switching to VoIP systems that can support HD audio, you do not want to be left behind with a traditional PBX system. Your callers will certainly notice the difference and will prefer dealing with other businesses that can deliver a better voice calling experience. To learn more about VoIP and HD audio solutions for your Adelanto business, contact Sonic VoIP today.