What You Should Know About Unified Communications and Adelanto File Sharing

What You Should Know About Unified Communications and Adelanto File Sharing

Efficient communication is a key aspect of success in today's highly competitive business world. Communications is how you build relationships with your clients, vendors, partners, and customers, and this process is no longer limited to phone calls. Quite a few business owners in the High Desert have included video conferencing, instant messaging, email, and SMS as part of their communications efforts; while having various channels can effectively extend the reach of your company, it may not necessarily streamline the process.

Maximize Workplace Efficiency

Unified Communications is a relatively new business process that developed from the implementation of Voice over Internet Protocol systems. In essence, UC is a technology that brings together all your communications channels into a single platform. From a single UC platform, your company can handle voice calls, instant messaging, email, chat, and even Adelanto file sharing.

Efficiency is the greatest benefit provided by UC platforms. Let's say some of your employees work in the field or from home; by giving them access to a single platform for phone calls, voice mail, email, chat, and Adelanto file sharing, they will no longer have to deal with multiple apps to make calls, send messages or share documents. UC solutions do not require employees to learn how to deploy multiple tools to accomplish various tasks; they can access everything they need in terms of communications and collaboration through a single platform.

Upgrade to VoIP & Unified Communication Solutions

Although UC platforms that include Adelanto file sharing as a feature can coexist with traditional telephone equipment, it is better to implement them on personal computing devices. UC solutions give you an opportunity to transform desktops, laptops, and smartphones into virtual offices, thus allowing you to trade your desk phones for headsets.

Switching to VoIP systems and UC platforms means that you no longer have to deal with multiple software licensing schemes or upgrades. Shopping around for various apps that can help you manage office communications is a thing of the past; even modern solutions such as Slack provide digital communications and Adelanto file sharing, but they do not integrate with enterprise telephony systems. Once you implement UC in your Adelanto office, your employees can initiate phone calls in the office and seamlessly transfer them to their smartphones without interruptions, and they will also be able to access file sharing features on the go.


If you are interested in learning more about UC and Adelanto file sharing for your company, contact one of our VoIP consultants today. UC solutions can help your Adelanto business obtain the edge it needs for 2019.