Why VoIP Solutions are Vital to the Restaurant Industry

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May 4, 2017
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Why VoIP Solutions are Vital to the Restaurant Industry

Why VoIP Solutions are Vital to the Restaurant Industry | High Desert Local Business

If you operate a cafe, restaurant or food delivery business in Victorville or elsewhere in the High Desert region, the time will come when you start entertaining the idea of expansion. If you are the proud owner of an Asian deli and bakery, you may consider a second location; if you own a pizza delivery business, you may want to increase your marketing and take more orders.

Scaling & Expanding Communication Networks

Once your menu starts being in demand, your business could be poised for growth and expansion. Even if you have only been operating your restaurant for a few months, you may have already realized that effective communications are vital to your business, particularly if you take reservations and offer takeout or delivery options. To this effect, you probably know all about the importance of effective communications in the restaurant industry, where missed phone calls and long wait times result in lost revenue.

In recent years, a pizza delivery franchise in California upgraded its telephone system from digital PBX to VoIP while going to a period of expansion that boosted the number of locations to more than 120. Delivery requests used to be phoned directly to the stores, and a call center was retained to handle the overflow.

The Importance of Reliable VoIP Communication

Not being able to predict which store would get the most phone calls at any given time resulted in unnecessary expenses; specifically, having to pay for a multiple incoming call system on every store. Once the business owners decided to switch their phone system to VoIP, their problems were solved through the process of scalability.

Instead of contracting a call center to handle the overflow, the pizza delivery chain was able to assign a manager to monitor call volume in real time; by doing this, callers were routed to other stores and properly answered. Orders taken at stores outside of the delivery area were relayed via a messaging system to the appropriate location.

With a sensible VoIP solution in place, the pizza delivery chain was able to not only minimized missed calls but also avoid having to retain a call center on an outsourcing basis. The overall savings were higher than 40 percent, and the efficiency gained was significant.

In the highly competitive restaurant industry, prompt telephone service is crucial. A customer who wishes to place a takeout pizza order will not think twice about calling another pizzeria if there is no answer or if they are transferred to a call center where the agents are not familiar with the process.[/su_column]
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