Why Your Adelanto Business Needs a 21st Century Telecommunications Infrastructure

Why Your Adelanto Business Needs a 21st Century Telecommunications Infrastructure

Major changes are taking place in the world of business communications. In the near future, we will no longer think about our office telephone systems and our data networks as being separate; your Adelanto company will be powered by a business telecommunication infrastructure, and this may not even involve installing server hardware on-premise. To better understand why your Adelanto business needs to rely on a solid telecommunication infrastructure solution, it helps to learn how office communications are evolving.

Understand Your Business's Telecommunication Infrastructure

The best way to think of telecommunication infrastructures is to view them as highly integrated data networks that happen to manage voice calls, video conferences, and other legacy aspects of business communications. Let's keep in mind that all office communications are now digital, which means that they can be managed from within a network thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol technology. Something else to remember is that communications can be integrated with other business functions such as document collaboration and employee mobility.

In 2019, setting up a telecommunication infrastructure for your Adelanto company can be as easy as implementing a VoIP system that supports Unified Communications. You can choose between cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid UC systems; most small business owners start out with cloud-based systems because the initial investment is very low, but some will switch to hybrid or on-premise systems down the line for compliance purposes.

The Benefits of Unified Adelanto Telecommunication Infrastructure

With integrated UC networks, managing all your office communications is something you can do from a web portal. You can quickly assign voice numbers to new employees even if they work from home and use their smartphones; you can also create new email accounts and voicemail boxes on the fly, and connecting to existing customer relationship management systems is easy. When you choose to install your Adelanto telecommunication infrastructure solution in the cloud, you do not even need to invest in new hardware; all you need are clients such as workstations or laptops equipped with headsets. If you prefer to use your existing office desk phones, you can do so through VoIP adapters.


Once you experience the convenience of converged communications networks, you will wonder how you were able to do business without them in the past. Everything from voice calls to voicemail and from email to faxing can be managed from a centralized UC location, and you can even do this from a remote office, from home or while you are on the road. To learn more about how UC systems can help your Adelanto office, contact Sonic Systems today.