Our Mission

Dedicated to delivering the best in Voice-over-IP services to the local businesses, SonicVoIP is the answer for business phone solutions. SonicVoIP, developed by the expert research and development team at Sonic Systems, Inc., provides modern, cost-effective, and advanced VoIP technology for local business owners. Aimed at removing the need for antiquated, $10,000+ conventional business phone systems, VoIP technology conveys advantages in the areas of cost, quality, and scalability.

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Less Expensive

The SonicVoIP system can be up to 80% less expensive than traditional phone companies. When switching from a standard telecom solution, SonicVoIP can completely port phone numbers, for a seamless transition. Further, the SonicVoIP system offers best-in-class quality, with HD audio support. High Definition audio support will provide a superior calling experience.

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Comprehensive Features

Features of the SonicVoIP system include electronic faxing, high volume calling support, queuing of calls, and individual voicemail boxes. Find-Me and Follow-Me support means that even when employees are away from their desks they can still receive their calls, making them more accessible than ever before. Hold music will also provide a better customer service experience, and custom hold music (such as advertising or other messaging) can be easily added on-the-fly for your business needs.

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All-in-One IT Solution

The SonicVoIP solution provides an all-in-one, technologically advanced solution that can be scaled to service the size of any business. It is both less expensive and more feature complete than other conventional phone solutions. Even better, it comes with Sonic Systems complete IT management support, delivered by the experts at Sonic Systems, Inc. SonicVoIP is the best telecommunications solution for businesses in and around Victorville, Apple Valley, and Hesperia.

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Trust our local team to design a custom VoIP solution for both your current and future business needs. We can find the solution that is right for both your business and your budget.

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