Improving Customer Service With VoIP Systems

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Current Trends in VoIP and Unified Communications
February 15, 2019
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April 6, 2019

Improving Customer Service With VoIP Systems

Improving Customer Service With VoIP Systems | Telecommunication Solutions

Cost savings and advanced features are the two main reasons business owners consider when they choose Voice over Internet Protocol to handle the telephony needs of their companies, but there is another significant advantage that should not be ignored: the opportunity to boost customer satisfaction. In today’s highly competitive business climate, customer satisfaction is a crucial factor that small companies cannot afford to ignore; whether you provide products or services, the best way to motivate people to stick with your company is by providing excellent customer service, and this is a process that can be improved with VoIP.

VoIP Features That Improve Customer Calls

Increased availability of customer service agents is easier to manage with VoIP systems thanks to call forwarding tools. Unlike legacy PBX systems, VoIP does not have to physically confined to a single office or call center. If you want to provide 24-hour customer support, for example, you do not have to set up teams to work three shifts at the office; with VoIP, you can take advantage of agents who wish to work from home and forward calls to their computers or smartphones. Being able to offer customer service around the clock or during extended hours is something that can give your company an edge, particularly if your competitors do not provide this benefit.

With VoIP, placing callbacks to customers who request them is more affordable than with PBX systems because you do not have to worry about expensive long-distance calling fees. Callbacks are great for building customer loyalty and promoting engagement. Toll-free numbers are always ideal for customer service in the United States and Canada, but if you have customers in other countries, you can provide them with local VoIP numbers so that they do not have to make international calls.

Assigning unique numbers to support agents is another VoIP feature that can improve customer service. Instead of using call center extensions, providing agents with their own telephone number is a nice personal touch that customers will appreciate once they have established rapport with their favorite agents; this is better than calls being transferred and passed around. Since VoIP numbers can be transferred to other devices, your agents do not have to be at their workstation to take calls from customers they are familiar with.

Finally, VoIP lines can be configured to ensure all calls are promptly answered. If you have more than one customer service team, you can set up the system to automatically route call traffic to available agents when a team is busy with heavy call volumes. To learn more about VoIP contact centers and how they can boost customer satisfaction, get in touch with Sonic Systems today.