Make Calls Anywhere Easy & Free with VoIP

Benefits of VoIP over a Conventional Phone Service | Apple Valley IT Management
Benefits of VoIP over a Conventional Phone Service
October 20, 2015
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Combining SonicVoIP and Mobility
November 27, 2015

Make Calls Anywhere Easy & Free with VoIP

Make Calls Anywhere Easy & Free with VoIP | Victorville Business IT Solutions

If your Apple Valley or Victorville business needs international calling, Sonic VoIP services is perfect for you. International calling is often exorbitantly expensive through traditional telecommunications systems, but it’s easy and affordable through VoIP solutions.

Saving Money Through VoIP Calling

Traditional telecommunications services charge more for international calls – much more. In fact, sometimes they even charge based on country; you might not even know how much an international call is going to cost if you don’t know exactly where you’re calling. But VoIP phone service connects through the Internet. VoIP services don’t care where you’re calling: you always pay the same rate, which is included in the same low monthly charge. Thus, a VoIP phone service is far less expensive. If you’re currently experiencing high international calling rates with your telecommunications provider, you could save all that money through using Sonic VoIP services.

Better Calling through VoIP

VoIP (voice-over-IP) technology leverages the Internet to transmit data. The Internet can transmit more data much faster than more traditional phone solutions, and that means that your call quality is even greater. You can even control call quality if you would prefer to use less bandwidth. Other than the superior quality, calling internationally on a VoIP phone is just as easy as any other handset; you just dial and go. You’ll find yourself connecting faster and hearing better than ever before.

Increased Convenience With Internet Calling

Not only is VoIP technology able to be used exactly like any other business service, moreover it can also be used through laptops and other devices. Because the call is going over the Internet, all you need is a system that can connect to our VoIP client. You can throw on a handset and get out your laptop and immediately be calling another country – it’s just that simple. If you have a significant amount of international calling going on in your business, your employees will be able to increase their productivity by turning every laptop into a full communication station.

Sonic VoIP service, offered by Sonic Systems, is the all-in-one IT solution for small business owners throughout Apple Valley, High Desert, and Victorville. Contact us today to find out more about the savings and features offered by VoIP.