What Your High Desert Business Can Do With Unified Communications

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November 3, 2017
What Your High Desert Business Can Do With Unified Communications | Sonic Systems
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January 5, 2018

What Your High Desert Business Can Do With Unified Communications

What Your High Desert Business Can Do With Unified Communications | Sonic Systems

As the holiday season unfolds and the year starts coming to an end, business owners in the High Desert region should start thinking about how their companies performed over the previous months. The American Dream of business success can only be achieved through constant improvement of business processes, particularly those that are related to efficient communications.

Now that the Voice over Internet Protocol has become the new standard of business telephony around the world, the time has come for Unified Communications, more commonly referred to as UC. If you are still using a PBX system in your office, you may want to consider implementing a full upgrade to VoIP and UC so that your company can take advantage of truly efficient business communications and collaboration.

Just like its name indicates, UC involves the consolidation of various forms of business communication; furthermore, UC enables integration with digital systems such as databases, productivity suites, social media, and customer relationship management software. UC systems are supported by tools that can be accessed and managed through a central platform such as web portal or a mobile application. Here are a few of UC the functions that your High Desert business can benefit from:

  • Archival and search of communications: UC platforms allow you to search for information contained within email messages, documents, voice mail, recorded conversations, and chat sessions. The data collection and indexing are handled automatically; you simply need to enter search queries.
  • Persistent communications: since UC systems can centrally handle all office communications, your employees can always stay in touch-
  • Document sharing and real-time collaboration: your staff will be able to freely share files and work together on documents through the magic of online collaboration.
  • Audio and video conferencing: meetings can be scheduled and conducted any time and wherever staff members, clients or associates may be.
  • Effectively keep track of employees: UC solutions can be used to implement office policies that require employees to be available for communications at certain times.
  • Social media features: by creating UC spaces that resemble social networks, projects can be managed, discussed and completed with ease.
In the end, UC systems are designed to empower your employees to be more productive and effective through organization and communications tools. To learn more about the right UC solution for your High Desert business, call Sonic Systems at (760) 242-2777 and speak to one of VoIP experts.[/su_column]
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